A Tale of Two Strudels

Dessert and Other German Adventures

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For Rosh Hashanah at Bambinim this year, we held a big event in our space to help us start off year 5773 right!  First, I baked round challot with the kids, who got drawings to color in when they were done, and then Flora sang some Rosh Hashanah songs with them and taught them a little about the holiday.  Then, Razia and Ariella performed a puppet show in which Keren meets a fish whose tail wants to lead the body for once (playing off the Rosh Hashanah saying “that we may be a head and not a tail,” that is, that we may move forward).  After, the kids painted Tzdakah boxes shaped like apples, and lastly, we had Kiddush and ate a delicious lunch.  It was a wonderful way to bring in the new year, and only a few hours later, I was in synagogue, listening to the High Holidays melody and thinking, “Is it time already?”