A Tale of Two Strudels

Dessert and Other German Adventures

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Flashback to Family Pesach Seder at Bambinim

Soon it will be getting colder and it will become darker earlier, but before we go there, I think it’s time to flash back to Pesach at Bambinim, since I didn’t write about it at the time.  

For the second night of Pesach, Bambinim organized a Family Seder - a full Seder, complete with activities for children, and made more cozy by its potluck-style.  We divided the Seder up into parts that different families could volunteer to lead, so for example one parent explained Yachatz, the breaking of the Matzah to the kids and hid the Afikoman for them, and two parents told the story of the 10 plagues to the children with the help of their daughters.  Flora and I lead the Seder with the wonderful help of a cantorial student who really knows how to animate the children through song.  We also had a real potluck at our Seder - each family prepared a (kosher for Passover) dish to contribute, and it was a real feast!  But my favorite part was at the end — just as we were singing “Simcha raba, simcha raba, aviv higiya, Pesach ba,” or “great joy, great joy, spring has arrived and Pesach has come,” it started to snow, and our whole Seder crowded around the window to look at the last vestiges of Winter making its exit.