A Tale of Two Strudels

Dessert and Other German Adventures

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This Sunday was Limmud Day Berlin, a day of Jewish learning for Jews (and, I assume, any interested non-Jews as well) here in Berlin.  Bambinim was in charge of the kids program, which was running from 1 to 6:30, and we planned wonderful things - we decorated name tag buttons, made Hamsa magnets for the refrigerator, colored in Hanukkah pictures, made tzedakah boxes, sang many songs, and built and painted our very own Hanukkiot.  I had a fantastic time and am really proud of the program we put together.  The kids were interesting and interested and their works of art were truly beautiful - they were such an interesting group, too!  I talked to kids in Spanish, Hebrew, English, and broken German - there were moments when I would try to talk to a kid and the wrong language would come out!  It was very confusing but also wonderful to see the variety of cultures and languages we have in our community and to see that for these kids it was totally normal to be functioning in several languages and to see someone else do so too.

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